Tuesday, 31 August 2010



As I typed religiously with my phone, I heard a very strange sound from the next house. I laughed shaking my head thinking it was another Nigerian movie. I heard muffled sounds and voices that of a little girl and an older man. I decided to eavesdrop on what was happening (yes i like amebo die hehehe), but at this time it was still very funny. But it stopped being funny the moment I found out what was happening.
I stood there in shock and bewilderment in realizing what was going on, I had a choice to either turn a deaf ear or actually do something. Yeah at this point you would be wondering what is she talking about, the older man was about to rape the little girl. I know we all read about these in the newspapers and wonder what kind of orientation and curses follow some people. Well that was actually how I felt as I battled to take a decision at that point. At this moment I told myself that i didnt need a law degree to bring someone to book.
I went round the house and rallied up the other adults in the house and I fled(actually I wanted to take a picture of the scene but my phone would have been dead and that would have raped me seriously lol).
I retired to my house to a spot where I could catch all the action. As the man was being taken to the station, the full gist was that the man was  the step father to the girl. The man was 49 years and the girl was 15years of age.(probably that girl does not understand the concept of sex and the man stole that from her smh).
As I continued tweeting, I realised that she is just one out of many that suffer this everyday. And the funny thing is that some of us unknowingly either directly or indirectly help advance rape.
Last year in my gender and the law class, arguments arose that the above stated law is gender based i.e it is mainly for the women. But after tracing the history of the law (which i dont want to bore you with), it was discovered that the main intent of the law was generally to protect a man's wife.(ps we live in a male dominated world so most of the laws are gender based if you ant me to discuss those laws pls alert me I would gladly do).
In my next writeupI would fully discuss the role we each play in allowing the act of rape. But I want us to understand that if we dont play the roles of our brother's keeper, we are as guilty as the rapist.
(to be continued)

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