Monday, 23 August 2010


They were talking about her again! And in the same usual manner disdain, disgust and mockery! As I sat in the corner shivering, pale, hungry and scantily dressed, I could taste the bile of anger,disgust, shame, pity,concern etc all wrapped up in me.(Tasted lyk yoyo bitters d first tym I tried t).It was a norm to watch my mother cake up her face to cover d pimples, blackheads,(infact it was simply as a result of improper care of her skin) well infact all she did was cause more harm to herself! Only I knew what laid behind the facade, the worst a woman would fear! She was supposed to treat it, instead she made it up until it became cancerous.My mother birthed precisely 36 children! They all fled and left me to take care of her! I was devastated buh amidst d horrid torrent of emotions love surpassed all!I stood by my mother hoping things would get better! My borthers and sisters had all gone mad! The were all full of capital shit(iperu camp female hall sewage tank choi Babcock). They were all developing on there own but a parasite to my mum at my expense! My mother had disgraced and failed me but all I ever did or still do is hoping. Would I die hoping or live and work us out of the cow dung(bullshit) we drove ourselves into.Even as we nimbled at the crumbs of cake on my mother's golden jubilee, I was confused of how poor we were when infact we were rich. We were being beaten by d rain of ignorance that we claimed as bliss (my mother always said ENEMIES let me leave my life na she dey do herself o) and poverty, we were relegated to our former lives before my birth father fled from my mother because she learnt to be Independence.But where did it lead us to further destruction, disgrace! *sighs*My mother is still very stupid allowing different men take turn in riding her, making promises at the end rape her and clean out her purse! And then would suffer the consequences(when she has enjoyed a ride mscheww). My mother finally took religion and ignorance as a covercloth and since then has been sleeping and oblivious of the fact that we had no roof over our heads while I just sat and saw doom coming and waited for my mother to awake.One morning Social services came to adopt me for another mother, I fought but later realised its futility. I went with them and now am back but my mother is still sleeping! Smh I gently woke her up, she looked drained and as I scampered round d fallen house I thought as we shared her cake celebrating her birthday I won't sit again and watch you fall! After all you are still my birth mother! Since then every October 1st has been memorable.
I LOVE YOU NIGERIA (My birth mother).

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