Tuesday, 31 August 2010



As I typed religiously with my phone, I heard a very strange sound from the next house. I laughed shaking my head thinking it was another Nigerian movie. I heard muffled sounds and voices that of a little girl and an older man. I decided to eavesdrop on what was happening (yes i like amebo die hehehe), but at this time it was still very funny. But it stopped being funny the moment I found out what was happening.
I stood there in shock and bewilderment in realizing what was going on, I had a choice to either turn a deaf ear or actually do something. Yeah at this point you would be wondering what is she talking about, the older man was about to rape the little girl. I know we all read about these in the newspapers and wonder what kind of orientation and curses follow some people. Well that was actually how I felt as I battled to take a decision at that point. At this moment I told myself that i didnt need a law degree to bring someone to book.
I went round the house and rallied up the other adults in the house and I fled(actually I wanted to take a picture of the scene but my phone would have been dead and that would have raped me seriously lol).
I retired to my house to a spot where I could catch all the action. As the man was being taken to the station, the full gist was that the man was  the step father to the girl. The man was 49 years and the girl was 15years of age.(probably that girl does not understand the concept of sex and the man stole that from her smh).
As I continued tweeting, I realised that she is just one out of many that suffer this everyday. And the funny thing is that some of us unknowingly either directly or indirectly help advance rape.
Last year in my gender and the law class, arguments arose that the above stated law is gender based i.e it is mainly for the women. But after tracing the history of the law (which i dont want to bore you with), it was discovered that the main intent of the law was generally to protect a man's wife.(ps we live in a male dominated world so most of the laws are gender based if you ant me to discuss those laws pls alert me I would gladly do).
In my next writeupI would fully discuss the role we each play in allowing the act of rape. But I want us to understand that if we dont play the roles of our brother's keeper, we are as guilty as the rapist.
(to be continued)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My new friend (madam koin koin)

Hey people what's up? As I was thinking of what to write, I thought about this interesting new friend of mine. Fortunately, she is my namesake(oyinkan hehe toh madt). Ok why did I decide to write about you might be wondering and saying what's my business (buh I ASK #ISTYABLOG lol abeg read on) reading this, just read on to know.
Her real name is Oyindamola(aka kasaprenko madam koin koin etc) Tukuru, she is beautiful and has crazy deep dimples(that was why i liked her at first), she is fully endowed (chai i only roll with fyn pple u knw) bla bla. She is very crazy and full of life.She is also very adventrous (i didnt say anything o) and friendly. I met Oyin via twitter (funny i knw shey) through one naughty friend of mine.
Ok the above talk was long story jare! Now to the main point. I am writing about Oyin today because of her influence. She is someone who is always happy and ready to make others laugh. I can't count the number of times I would ping Oyin that my spirit wont be lifted. She is always ready to make you laugh(even though she is not funny hehe i didnt say so o lol) when you are mad. Ps she has a very cute voice.
So my point exactly is that I have learnt something new and useful from my new friend and namesake, that your mood affects others.
How many times have you taken time out to see what your reaction or response or mood has done to someone? How many times have you used your smile or humour to cheer your friends up? Well I guess many of us are very guilty. So be like me and learn something new from my new friend, make at least one person smile in a day, you never can tell you might be in need of that same smile one day.
And yeah all of you that shout about enemies and haters you create some of them for yourselves. Imagine someone making at least five people cry every day(ur enemies go plenty ehn).
I hope you got the message and am looking foward to see my new friend (hugs) love you oyin
I love yall

Monday, 23 August 2010


They were talking about her again! And in the same usual manner disdain, disgust and mockery! As I sat in the corner shivering, pale, hungry and scantily dressed, I could taste the bile of anger,disgust, shame, pity,concern etc all wrapped up in me.(Tasted lyk yoyo bitters d first tym I tried t).It was a norm to watch my mother cake up her face to cover d pimples, blackheads,(infact it was simply as a result of improper care of her skin) well infact all she did was cause more harm to herself! Only I knew what laid behind the facade, the worst a woman would fear! She was supposed to treat it, instead she made it up until it became cancerous.My mother birthed precisely 36 children! They all fled and left me to take care of her! I was devastated buh amidst d horrid torrent of emotions love surpassed all!I stood by my mother hoping things would get better! My borthers and sisters had all gone mad! The were all full of capital shit(iperu camp female hall sewage tank choi Babcock). They were all developing on there own but a parasite to my mum at my expense! My mother had disgraced and failed me but all I ever did or still do is hoping. Would I die hoping or live and work us out of the cow dung(bullshit) we drove ourselves into.Even as we nimbled at the crumbs of cake on my mother's golden jubilee, I was confused of how poor we were when infact we were rich. We were being beaten by d rain of ignorance that we claimed as bliss (my mother always said ENEMIES let me leave my life na she dey do herself o) and poverty, we were relegated to our former lives before my birth father fled from my mother because she learnt to be Independence.But where did it lead us to further destruction, disgrace! *sighs*My mother is still very stupid allowing different men take turn in riding her, making promises at the end rape her and clean out her purse! And then would suffer the consequences(when she has enjoyed a ride mscheww). My mother finally took religion and ignorance as a covercloth and since then has been sleeping and oblivious of the fact that we had no roof over our heads while I just sat and saw doom coming and waited for my mother to awake.One morning Social services came to adopt me for another mother, I fought but later realised its futility. I went with them and now am back but my mother is still sleeping! Smh I gently woke her up, she looked drained and as I scampered round d fallen house I thought as we shared her cake celebrating her birthday I won't sit again and watch you fall! After all you are still my birth mother! Since then every October 1st has been memorable.
I LOVE YOU NIGERIA (My birth mother).

Sunday, 22 August 2010



I earlier wrote about Skales check ma blog(older posts)! Am sure yall b wonderin abt ma female syd of d rap game oh well I av dem! In ma earlier post of skales (pls read if u avnt read) I gave ma definition of rap! I grew up listening 2 only Missy Elliot on ma female rapper radar tho! Buh I loved her! Ma fav female mc z NICKI MINAJ(even tho d barbie bitch has neva RT or replied ma tweet #np jonzing world lol)!However, ma best 9ja female mc z Sasha P(firstlady) I also love Bouqui. Buh common am n d nu generation nd we r breathing nu air of rap music (no disrespect 2 d pioneers). Ma fav nu female mc z Eva!Unfortunately I don't knw dt much bout her tho(compared to skales)! Buh I knw one tin 4 sure EVA z an epitome of deep intellect dt I knw 4 sure! I first noticed EVA n d popular Owo ati swagger rmx! She went hard on dt sng immediately I sed she z gud DAMN!(Ps she swagged d swagger n dt video oooshee)! Den I heard d freestyle of A milli PLAY (I hed it b4 smwhere  else buh didn't knw she was d 1  nd I sed dere den dis gal z gud)! She played wif d track nd humpty dumptied d track(hehehe). Her freestyle on jimmyz jump off was d SHIT geez 4 a gal 2 go dt hard mhen tuale I throw respect jare!(Visit youtube EVA on jimmyz jump off) Den I hed STAY dis song was complex n a simple way nd had diff msgs! I had one word 4 d sng DEEP! So I concluded she z has come nd it z 2 STAY! So yall am handing over ma 9ja female MC rap key 2 EVA watch out yall! Nd she z so damn real! Visit her blogsite www.evaalordiah.tk u wld b able 2 download her sngs nd learn abt dis deep artist(Pls u can only criticize wen u av downloaded nd listen 2 all d sngs lol)!Ff her on twitter @EvaAlordiah! Fresh nu talent toh badt ff @OJI_BABY nd @FLYBOITOHBAD. Mad deep lyricists too. Fresh hot singles comin soon! I love yall


#Ok hello pple!
Rap z a form of art! I call it art coz it reveals nd takes us on a journey wif d artist. I wld define rap as a group a of words put 2geda n a rhythmic manner dt encodes complexity in simplicity nd fun! U can define it however u want buh dts ma own definition(copyright o ehn) .! Pple now a days divide rap into commercial rap nd hardcore rap! To me all dt one na bobo! If ur rap z hardcore nd no lyf to it u av defeated d aim of music nd jst achieved d aim of rap deep thinking!So a complete rapper in ma own definition is som1 who can balance d aim of music nd rap 2 produce rap music (lol).As d bible sed knowledge wld grow, it z nt amazing d talent we av dese days! I grew up listening 2 d lyks of Jayz Kanye west TI Common Nas Fat joe Busta Rhymes Game Eminem etc. Buh d turn of events gat me thinkin were dose rappers really gud? I fell in love wif rap wen LIL WAYNE came wif carter 2! He had d twist of what I liked! Later Drake came nd shocked us den B.o.b Jcole wale tyga etc Dis was wen I understood rap 2 its fullest.In d 9ja scene(dunno d history of rap in 9ja) I knew of d legendary Mode9 buh he didn't give me dt twist I wanted! Den MI surfaced showin us lyrical competence! Den we had bossesLike Naeto C Ikechukwu saucekid baba etcBuh d young ones av come 2 take over in d current rap scene we av d lyks of Vector, five mics, lil H 4th republic Teeto cmos, beazy ma home boys yung mo nd oji(watch out 4 dese 2 by d way) dese pple av shown talent at its peak!But d one d caught ma attention was a young fyn man (yep groupie statement) was d legendary SKALES! Skales real name John Raoul an EME soldier, a student of lead city, an Edo boy bla bla(don't ask me ow I knew ooo I mean he says t on evry radio interview he goes 4 I dnt miss any tho hehe). I hed abt Skales frm ma home boys yungmo nd oji (two fine artistes to dey are very gud watch out).I hed d track 9ja where he was talking all bout 9ja hustle I wasn't moved jare! I sed its sth ma 2 homies cld do! Den I hed bo she she mi!( OMG dt sng is still on rep by d way) I realized dt he sings as well buh it wasn't all dt superb buh d lyrics were on point! Den I hed MUST SHINE ma ears begged me 2 switch off ma MI music 4 a whyl!den d hit came HEADING 4 A GRAMMY *sighs*(I fell in lov wif 9ja rap again lyk wt happened wen drake came ard). I started praying he wld improve nd he did nd I watched his freestyle on Jimmy jump off *dead*(go 2 youtube nd type skales u wld c d video or come 2 me I wld give u) he was ill da bomb! Den I sed he z gon b ard 4 a long tym!He z a wondeful artistic writer, nd sings beautifully (laba laba nd be mine). It clearly shows his level of intellect as I sed above! I c him as 9jaz Drake taking over! No disrespect 2 odas in d game buh am handing over to him MY 9ja rap key(bite me dts y I sed my).So dts Skales yall ma 2nd best 9ja rapper nd he z so down 2 earth (I dnt mean short o) (Naeto C now ma no1).Thank you(pls criticise constructively wen u av listened to all his sngs)Visit www.4shared.com/skalesFollow on twitter @youngskales! Nd if u lukin 4 new fresh talent ff @OJI_BABY nd @FLYBOITOHBAD on twitter I love yall!
Download PRO INC mixtapes enjoy

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Ouch ma head hurts, seems lyk d batt3s r dead. What could be wrong I questioned ma self. I wasnt hungry even though dt always seems to b mma problem dese days (oh well am still skinny). I walked over to the bar to pour ma self -a shot of hot whiskey (dts a lie probably burbon)- a cup of black coffee nd laced it generously wif sugar nd milk to give me a kick start. And i discovered I couldnt feel ma fingers geez. Dey were very numb as if I worked in a coldroom. At dis point, I was scared I wont b able to tweet again(yes am nt concerned bout writing). I tried to reach to ma subconscious to help out, buh he was dead as d conscious itself. I felt defeated. As I slowly eased maself into d fact that I had been a victim of circumstance, i felt ma body failing me, I cldnt hlp buh admit to maself I brought dis to maself. Wait a minute, y r u being so hard on me? I asked ma subconscious. Didnt we both enjoy the comfort it brought us. As we discovered the new things about ourselves, the wild nd subtle parts, the vulnerable poiints nd d strong points. Now the tables are turned u wanna put it all on me. NO WAY!!! As I wrestled wif ma subconscious, I longed for healing nd the only thing that cld help ryt now was PHCN restoring the power.I broke down finally ma strong fence had bin broken down and now a prison!!!!!!! It was den I discovered I was a TWITTERADDICT VIA MA BLACKBERRY(SMARTPHONE)HANDHELD.Hello am oyinkan and am a twitter addict hello oyinkan.



Ok, here is d deal, I pay u #2,500 per month nd u service me 24-7, ows dt? With a devlish grin he replied “oh well expect good services ma’mm”. I was relieved one huge axe of ma back. I was thrilled finally I wld b right as d rain. Buh I guess d saying u shall see buh nt comprehend was designed 4 me. I waited expectedly nd anxiously dt Kanjiz son had come to ma rescue.I began to reason y he took his business private nd left d commercial scene, coz of dis efficiency problem. Now that he provided his services wif private hands, I was rest assured I wld b impressed beyond imagination.„„, I wasnt comfortable, I began tossing nd turning lyk a whirlwind on ma bed, it felt lyk i was n the ocean. I was at the climax of heat wen ma bro tapped me and said “shld i put on the gen coz u luk lyk u av bin fightin wif d heat” I cursed under my breath bcos i had bin fooled. Kanjiz son had defaulted, he had failed nd I was stupid 4 believing.OH dt noise, it made ma head hurt, oh d money I wasted, buh am supposed to be HAPPY, oh dis wasnt d deal! I cried myself nd slowly fell asleep as d last candle light dimmed!OH PHCN(KANJIZ SON) WHERE ART THY COMPASSION? LIGHTUP9JA