Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My new friend (madam koin koin)

Hey people what's up? As I was thinking of what to write, I thought about this interesting new friend of mine. Fortunately, she is my namesake(oyinkan hehe toh madt). Ok why did I decide to write about you might be wondering and saying what's my business (buh I ASK #ISTYABLOG lol abeg read on) reading this, just read on to know.
Her real name is Oyindamola(aka kasaprenko madam koin koin etc) Tukuru, she is beautiful and has crazy deep dimples(that was why i liked her at first), she is fully endowed (chai i only roll with fyn pple u knw) bla bla. She is very crazy and full of life.She is also very adventrous (i didnt say anything o) and friendly. I met Oyin via twitter (funny i knw shey) through one naughty friend of mine.
Ok the above talk was long story jare! Now to the main point. I am writing about Oyin today because of her influence. She is someone who is always happy and ready to make others laugh. I can't count the number of times I would ping Oyin that my spirit wont be lifted. She is always ready to make you laugh(even though she is not funny hehe i didnt say so o lol) when you are mad. Ps she has a very cute voice.
So my point exactly is that I have learnt something new and useful from my new friend and namesake, that your mood affects others.
How many times have you taken time out to see what your reaction or response or mood has done to someone? How many times have you used your smile or humour to cheer your friends up? Well I guess many of us are very guilty. So be like me and learn something new from my new friend, make at least one person smile in a day, you never can tell you might be in need of that same smile one day.
And yeah all of you that shout about enemies and haters you create some of them for yourselves. Imagine someone making at least five people cry every day(ur enemies go plenty ehn).
I hope you got the message and am looking foward to see my new friend (hugs) love you oyin
I love yall

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