Sunday, 22 August 2010



I earlier wrote about Skales check ma blog(older posts)! Am sure yall b wonderin abt ma female syd of d rap game oh well I av dem! In ma earlier post of skales (pls read if u avnt read) I gave ma definition of rap! I grew up listening 2 only Missy Elliot on ma female rapper radar tho! Buh I loved her! Ma fav female mc z NICKI MINAJ(even tho d barbie bitch has neva RT or replied ma tweet #np jonzing world lol)!However, ma best 9ja female mc z Sasha P(firstlady) I also love Bouqui. Buh common am n d nu generation nd we r breathing nu air of rap music (no disrespect 2 d pioneers). Ma fav nu female mc z Eva!Unfortunately I don't knw dt much bout her tho(compared to skales)! Buh I knw one tin 4 sure EVA z an epitome of deep intellect dt I knw 4 sure! I first noticed EVA n d popular Owo ati swagger rmx! She went hard on dt sng immediately I sed she z gud DAMN!(Ps she swagged d swagger n dt video oooshee)! Den I heard d freestyle of A milli PLAY (I hed it b4 smwhere  else buh didn't knw she was d 1  nd I sed dere den dis gal z gud)! She played wif d track nd humpty dumptied d track(hehehe). Her freestyle on jimmyz jump off was d SHIT geez 4 a gal 2 go dt hard mhen tuale I throw respect jare!(Visit youtube EVA on jimmyz jump off) Den I hed STAY dis song was complex n a simple way nd had diff msgs! I had one word 4 d sng DEEP! So I concluded she z has come nd it z 2 STAY! So yall am handing over ma 9ja female MC rap key 2 EVA watch out yall! Nd she z so damn real! Visit her blogsite u wld b able 2 download her sngs nd learn abt dis deep artist(Pls u can only criticize wen u av downloaded nd listen 2 all d sngs lol)!Ff her on twitter @EvaAlordiah! Fresh nu talent toh badt ff @OJI_BABY nd @FLYBOITOHBAD. Mad deep lyricists too. Fresh hot singles comin soon! I love yall

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