Saturday, 21 August 2010



Ok, here is d deal, I pay u #2,500 per month nd u service me 24-7, ows dt? With a devlish grin he replied “oh well expect good services ma’mm”. I was relieved one huge axe of ma back. I was thrilled finally I wld b right as d rain. Buh I guess d saying u shall see buh nt comprehend was designed 4 me. I waited expectedly nd anxiously dt Kanjiz son had come to ma rescue.I began to reason y he took his business private nd left d commercial scene, coz of dis efficiency problem. Now that he provided his services wif private hands, I was rest assured I wld b impressed beyond imagination.„„, I wasnt comfortable, I began tossing nd turning lyk a whirlwind on ma bed, it felt lyk i was n the ocean. I was at the climax of heat wen ma bro tapped me and said “shld i put on the gen coz u luk lyk u av bin fightin wif d heat” I cursed under my breath bcos i had bin fooled. Kanjiz son had defaulted, he had failed nd I was stupid 4 believing.OH dt noise, it made ma head hurt, oh d money I wasted, buh am supposed to be HAPPY, oh dis wasnt d deal! I cried myself nd slowly fell asleep as d last candle light dimmed!OH PHCN(KANJIZ SON) WHERE ART THY COMPASSION? LIGHTUP9JA

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