Saturday, 21 August 2010


Ouch ma head hurts, seems lyk d batt3s r dead. What could be wrong I questioned ma self. I wasnt hungry even though dt always seems to b mma problem dese days (oh well am still skinny). I walked over to the bar to pour ma self -a shot of hot whiskey (dts a lie probably burbon)- a cup of black coffee nd laced it generously wif sugar nd milk to give me a kick start. And i discovered I couldnt feel ma fingers geez. Dey were very numb as if I worked in a coldroom. At dis point, I was scared I wont b able to tweet again(yes am nt concerned bout writing). I tried to reach to ma subconscious to help out, buh he was dead as d conscious itself. I felt defeated. As I slowly eased maself into d fact that I had been a victim of circumstance, i felt ma body failing me, I cldnt hlp buh admit to maself I brought dis to maself. Wait a minute, y r u being so hard on me? I asked ma subconscious. Didnt we both enjoy the comfort it brought us. As we discovered the new things about ourselves, the wild nd subtle parts, the vulnerable poiints nd d strong points. Now the tables are turned u wanna put it all on me. NO WAY!!! As I wrestled wif ma subconscious, I longed for healing nd the only thing that cld help ryt now was PHCN restoring the power.I broke down finally ma strong fence had bin broken down and now a prison!!!!!!! It was den I discovered I was a TWITTERADDICT VIA MA BLACKBERRY(SMARTPHONE)HANDHELD.Hello am oyinkan and am a twitter addict hello oyinkan.

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