Sunday, 22 August 2010


#Ok hello pple!
Rap z a form of art! I call it art coz it reveals nd takes us on a journey wif d artist. I wld define rap as a group a of words put 2geda n a rhythmic manner dt encodes complexity in simplicity nd fun! U can define it however u want buh dts ma own definition(copyright o ehn) .! Pple now a days divide rap into commercial rap nd hardcore rap! To me all dt one na bobo! If ur rap z hardcore nd no lyf to it u av defeated d aim of music nd jst achieved d aim of rap deep thinking!So a complete rapper in ma own definition is som1 who can balance d aim of music nd rap 2 produce rap music (lol).As d bible sed knowledge wld grow, it z nt amazing d talent we av dese days! I grew up listening 2 d lyks of Jayz Kanye west TI Common Nas Fat joe Busta Rhymes Game Eminem etc. Buh d turn of events gat me thinkin were dose rappers really gud? I fell in love wif rap wen LIL WAYNE came wif carter 2! He had d twist of what I liked! Later Drake came nd shocked us den B.o.b Jcole wale tyga etc Dis was wen I understood rap 2 its fullest.In d 9ja scene(dunno d history of rap in 9ja) I knew of d legendary Mode9 buh he didn't give me dt twist I wanted! Den MI surfaced showin us lyrical competence! Den we had bossesLike Naeto C Ikechukwu saucekid baba etcBuh d young ones av come 2 take over in d current rap scene we av d lyks of Vector, five mics, lil H 4th republic Teeto cmos, beazy ma home boys yung mo nd oji(watch out 4 dese 2 by d way) dese pple av shown talent at its peak!But d one d caught ma attention was a young fyn man (yep groupie statement) was d legendary SKALES! Skales real name John Raoul an EME soldier, a student of lead city, an Edo boy bla bla(don't ask me ow I knew ooo I mean he says t on evry radio interview he goes 4 I dnt miss any tho hehe). I hed abt Skales frm ma home boys yungmo nd oji (two fine artistes to dey are very gud watch out).I hed d track 9ja where he was talking all bout 9ja hustle I wasn't moved jare! I sed its sth ma 2 homies cld do! Den I hed bo she she mi!( OMG dt sng is still on rep by d way) I realized dt he sings as well buh it wasn't all dt superb buh d lyrics were on point! Den I hed MUST SHINE ma ears begged me 2 switch off ma MI music 4 a whyl!den d hit came HEADING 4 A GRAMMY *sighs*(I fell in lov wif 9ja rap again lyk wt happened wen drake came ard). I started praying he wld improve nd he did nd I watched his freestyle on Jimmy jump off *dead*(go 2 youtube nd type skales u wld c d video or come 2 me I wld give u) he was ill da bomb! Den I sed he z gon b ard 4 a long tym!He z a wondeful artistic writer, nd sings beautifully (laba laba nd be mine). It clearly shows his level of intellect as I sed above! I c him as 9jaz Drake taking over! No disrespect 2 odas in d game buh am handing over to him MY 9ja rap key(bite me dts y I sed my).So dts Skales yall ma 2nd best 9ja rapper nd he z so down 2 earth (I dnt mean short o) (Naeto C now ma no1).Thank you(pls criticise constructively wen u av listened to all his sngs)Visit on twitter @youngskales! Nd if u lukin 4 new fresh talent ff @OJI_BABY nd @FLYBOITOHBAD on twitter I love yall!
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