Thursday, 16 September 2010


As I stumbled out of my nightwear getting into the shower, I looked up on the wall and saw that big round thing staring at me indicating and pointing out the obvious that I was going to have a busy day. I cursed under breathe as I lined my toothbrush with my paste "Arrogant bastard, can't you just chill a little for me". No matter how much I cursed him, he seemed so unmoved (on twitter i would say KMT).
I turned on the shower miserably, I tried to seek comfort in the coolness of the water and stay oblivious of its presence, but it wasnt working. I knew from the moment I refused to acknowledge its presence I was in trouble.
As I stepped out into the world, I saw everyone working with it. They seemed to talk about it all the time. No wonder he was so proud. I decided this very day I was going to ignore it. But little did I know it didnt even know me.
I was so clumsy today that at the end of this very day, the only thing I have achieved is typing you this message so you dont make the same mistake I made today. My day was completely fruitless, non productive, hectic and clumsy.
I got home today and realised how important this "it" was and it was still staring at me in the face saying "work with me". Many times, I tried manipulating it to my work with me but he came anti clockwise like a bad karma to strike me. So I just try to beat it to its game rather than actually beat it to it. It works better for me that way.
TIME my people is this "it" am complaining about. It doesn't work with you, you work with it. If you dont work with it you would lose out in this world's journey pretty much. The annoying thing is that you can never hoard it, its not like the money we make and spend, we cant own it literally. That is why we have coined phrases out of it "work with time" "time waits for no one""time is money" etc.
As I retire to my bed tonight, I understood perfectly the phrase TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE the sooner you realise this the better for you...........

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