Saturday, 18 September 2010


As I laid on ma bed tryin to decipher the lesson(s) I had learnt today, I began to worry and question my moral status. My line of study (law mhen na so so book book smh God dey) requires I keep a clean slate nd be an epitome of moral embodiment. But that was not reason for worry this night!
I just finished reading a novel by Martina Cole (the runaway). The message of the book stirred up mixed feelings!
My generation's moral canon is slowly rapidly(oxymoron by d way lol) being emptied down my toilet(errm I can't remebr d lit xpression nw). One of d most discussed topics both n d most fascinating and dreaded manner is SEX!
I carried out a survey on my campus (both boys nd gals) asking opinions on premarital sex! I got fascinating answers! Usually, I ask d guys *what's ur take on pre marital sex?* 40% said its for fun nd can b done with any girl (agro na bastard lol). Anoda 40% sed for fun but with one partner. 10% said its for intimacy and understanding and has to be with mutual consent! 5 percent said they do it to mature and my last 5 percent said abstainance (didn't bliv tho). WOW only 5percent are still on the old molly principle!
I asked the girls the same question! Interestingly, the stat was different only 5 percent still believe in d theme of virginity. 20 per cent said for intimacy with their partners while 50 percent says its for fun and to relax the muscles! 5 per cent said to get what they want and it was a tool(some implied)! 5 percent said lose it then abstain!
Wow! (Let's bring a lil bit of God into dis) the bible said sex is a tool for intimacy between TWO MARRIED PEOPLE OF DIFFERENT SEX the law and God(I know some people would argue with the phrase *Even in d bible*)
Let's ponder on the above analysis give ur comments let's argue let's see if my stat is right or wrong.
Den we wld move 2 ma view Pride or play pt 2
Pls comment (fnks)

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