Thursday, 21 October 2010

My quiz

I guess the saying that says burn your midnight candle and don't leave any stone unturned does not mean success literally.
As I sat down on my seat in the heat of the quiz, my face was downcast with disappointment as I found myself being quizzed by the quiz. I couldn't even explain what went wrong or what I didn't do or know I just sat there feeling stupid. The more I tried to comphrend the more I understood and could define confusion and anger. I misreably scribbled the little infor I knew down on the paper and cursed my foolishness under my breath. My knees failed me to help me end my little misery I felt If I submitted everyone would read the nonsense I just wrote.
Finally I submitted, I left the hall angry because I read that note well at least to myself I think I did. But I wasn't sure of one answer on that paper. Angry, stupid, foolish were all the words that could explain my feelings right now. Mscheww
I was at the verge of loosening out of the nut I screwed when a driver came in. She helped me understand what the problem was. I was nervous. I allowed the hearsay about the lecturer be the driving force for my reading not the joy of reading the note. Probably if she hadn't come I would have doubted the word used to describe me attimes "smart". Thanks to Temi Olushola for reminding me of my potential and capability. The facade of my smile lies a burning desire to ace the next quiz or test that comes my way so help me God.

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